925 has without a doubt changed my life. College athletics is the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, and with being so focused on what was around me, I lost what little relationship I had with Christ. Having a fellow teammate invite me to 925, and continue to invite me even when I made half hearted excuses as to why I couldn’t come, allowed me to realize how much I needed something bigger than myself. I needed something to give me faith, trust, and love again and the Lord is the answer to all of that.

The first night I decided to make myself go, I was so anxious, but seeing all my peers going through the exact same things I was in school, sports, and life made me so comfortable. I was able to really focus on the message and take in every word without feeling judged or self-conscious. I now have an amazing relationship with christ that I am still developing every day. Without 925 I would not have gotten back to my faith at such an early and pivotal part of my life. I have developed closer relationships with my teammates and have had deeper conversations than I have ever had. 925 allowed me to connect with people who I could truly relate to and the leaders were able to help me to connect to something so much bigger and deeper than just being an athlete. 

Madeline Jones
Kennesaw State Volleyball
Class of 2019

​​​​925 Athletic Ministries

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