Changing the world through sports

​​​​925 Athletic Ministries

The overwhelming majority of decisions for Christ are made between the ages of 18-25.  Therefore, the college campus represents a strategic harvest where from which future world leaders have been launched, and movements that changed the world have begun.  On the college campus we have a diverse concentration of people that must be reached with the gospel.  Across the country athletic departments are one of the primary drivers of campus culture and school pride, athletes and coaches have a unique platform to influence those they contact on and off campus. Through weekly gatherings, small group discipleship, coaches devotions and one on one encouragement, we are seeing campuses transformed by the love of God.  

With an emphasis on spiritual training, intentional discipleship and leadership development, we equip athletes to know God, live out their faith and maximize their influence in society for the glory of God.  Equipping people in God’s Word and empowering people to walk in God’s Spirit are essential to navigate the challenges and temptations of being a student-athlete.  We will help launch leaders into full-time athletic ministry and train leaders to add value to athletic departments as character mentors and spiritual leaders.  As well as consult with churches and ministries seeking to expand their ministry specifically to the athletic community.

The spirit of unity and peace will guide our efforts to collaborate with other ministries serving athletes and coaches in the world of sports.  The average Division I athletic department will have between 400-600+ student-athletes and 100-200+ staff.  One individual or one ministry won’t reach everyone.  But modeling cooperative versus competitive ministry we can unite together with those sharing a mutual desire to reach college athletics.  Together, we can accomplish the miraculous.

The transition to college can be difficult for many student-athletes, and even coaches moving to new cities.  We partner with local churches to help athletes and coaches find communities of faith.  Working with local churches to provide resources, discipleship, and ministry opportunities, we increase our reach and model unity to a world desperate for an accurate picture of God.  Since community is vital to spiritual growth, we encourage every member to be an active, serving member of a local church.  

By partnering with churches, missionary organizations and even other athletic ministries, we will send athletes to serve those in need, both locally and around the world.  Love and compassion is the driving force behind our efforts to reach those who don’t know Jesus.