​​​​925 Athletic Ministries

Changing the world through sports

We believe that we are called to reach the athletic world, and challenge those gifted to operate in that arena to use their talents, abilities and their platform for the glory of God and the good of others. In order for that to happen most effectively, we are passionate about developing partnerships within our community. That begins with partnering with the local athletic administration and athletic teams to serve and add value. After that, we aim to create effective partnerships with local churches to help as many as possible experience God and find spiritual community in addition to our wonderful on-campus community.

Churches can sponsor meals for students at our weekly gatherings, partner with us for special events like the Transformational Marriage Conference, we will sometimes invite their leaders to be guest speakers or to come invite student-athletes to special events. Or churches can help transform lives through regular missionary support of those working on campus.

Here are some of the fantastic churches in the Kennesaw/Cobb County area. We hope you will check them out if you are looking for a home church! Be sure to tell them 925 sent you!!! 

First Baptist Church of Woodstock 

Highpoint Atlanta 

Image Church 

Influencers Church, Kennesaw 

Northstar Church 

Riverstone Church 

Victory Church North Cobb 

Roswell Street Baptist Church